The little Giraff

Jul 06, 2013

Notable recently is the adoption of robotic supporters for the elderly, children and those afflicted with dementia in the form of Giraff, a child sized, vaguely humanoid, helper robot, with a TV screen for a head. The patient (or person be- ing taken care off) can be called by a relative or friend on the Giraff, which will drive to the patient wherever he is, allowing them easy communication. The Giraff will also drive around the house, or be driven by anyone calling, to check if medicines have been taken, house is in order and so on. It is made small and childlike, with clothes, so that it does not frighten patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s, whom it is supposed to help and keep connected to the rest of the world, according to Giraff Technolo- gies’ website.

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