‘Jetman’ Takes to the Skies

Jul 27, 2013

The scenic and unbelievable snapshot above displays world sensation Yves Rossy, or ‘Jetman’, on his most amazing flight yet – cruising alongside a B-17 “Flying Fortress” Stealth Bomber above Wisconsin, USA. And he flies – I mean, seriously, FLIES, – with just a carbon-fiber wing and 4 tiny jet engines strapped to his back – it is pretty cool. Even better, there’s no complex tech involved – the flying 54-yr old simply steers with his body, yet his maneuverability astounded even the B-17 pilots – he is ultra cool. Do watch the video at – www.wired.com.

Photo Credits: Image: Wired

References: Wired, The Telegraph, The Huffington Post, www.guns.com

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