Do you want to know?

May 18, 2013

Scientists, for the last decade or so, have been able to sequence the human genome, i.e., able to read and identify our genes. In the last few years however, they have advanced to a next step wherein they are able to look at our genes and tell us which diseases we have high risk of getting, and this brings the next question – do you want to know? Because while the technology permits us to see what we might get – we do not yet have the technology to manipulate our genes – we cannot fix the gene.

Though this may sound like knowledge without power, there are actually a few cases where we can prevent disease – as shown by the example of Angelina Jolie last week. After being made aware, through genomics, that she had a high risk of breast cancer she conducted a mastectomy. Her decision is debatable but it shows how we can use this genomic technology/information and prevent some of the diseases – so the question for you is would you want to take the chance? Would you want to know if you are at risk and save your life with the knowledge or leave it to faith and fate- It’s up to you.

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References: TIME Magazine May 20-27

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