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  • Photo: Morgana Wingard, 2014/Flickr-#ISurvivedEbola

    Ebola: Celebrating Success

    It is with immense joy that we announce that, as of 9th May, 2015, West African nation Liberia has been declared free of Ebola virus transmission by the WHO. In a statement released the very same day, the WHO explained that it had been 42 days (twice the disease’s incubation period) since the last confirmed case of the disease...

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  • Photo: Creativecommons.org

    Creative Commons

    Issue 24

    A large number of you may have not heard of the non-profit organization Creative Commons, I certainly hadn’t – until I started INFORMission Weekly – and they became my lifeline. Leaving personal views aside, CC has truly changed the world – and this is how. There is actually a media industry, of whose existence most of us are unaware...

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  • Photo: Source: djAvrilPerry90


    Issue 25

    I found it extremely amusing when I was discussing this article, and my mother asked, “ What is a hashtag?” So let’s begin there – this ‘#’ symbol is called a hash. It goes by many names – the number sign, the pound sign, the hash – but it is basically the #. Originally used, infrequently and unnecessarily to...

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    Happy Orange Day: International Day For Elimination of Violence Against Women

    Issue 23

    This is something that all of us should have already known – and I’m sure many of us did, courtesy of Google – Monday, November 25 was the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women. It is a day designated by the UN to raise awareness about violence against women and the fact that it is one of...

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  • Photo: elementaryupdate.com

    Living in the Cloud

    Issue 23

    The new big thing in the consumer technological world – an exciting technology that many, many people have started using is cloud storage. It’s a pretty clever concept – but it’s not just been invented or something – but it’s seen an unbelievable leap in popularity in recent times – and so this is your quintessential guide to Living...

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  • Photo: Bitboy/forum.bitcoin.org (Cropped)

    An Introduction to The Bitcoin

    Issue 22

    Bitcoin. Bit-coin. Bit Coin. (Sign: ; code: BTC or  XBT ). Get used to the word folks – you’re going to be rolling it around your tongue quite a bit in the years to come. Paged as the “next revolution in currency”, many are saying that it will do to the economic world what the internet did to mass...

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  • Photo: Screenshot from Wall-E

    The Dangerous Problem of Space Debris: Satellites Are Falling Down, Falling Down!

    Issue 21

    One of my all time favourite movies is 2008’s ‘Wall- E’, the satire on the future of our beautiful planet and the future of humanity. I always say it’s an intelligent movie, and one of the best examples of that is the unforgettable shot of the Earth, 700 years from now, surrounded by layers (hundreds of kilometres wide) of...

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  • Photo: UN/Tumblr

    842 Million: Why Are They Still Hungry

    Issue 20

    You may or may not have read the about the Global Hunger Index that was just published on World Food Day which was this week on 16th October (the day marks the founding of the UN’s FAO – Food and Agriculture Organisation). But you should know that it is ironic and a huge tragedy that there are still 842...

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  • Photo: Washington Post

    Is It a Bird, Is It a Plane…..No, It’s A NOBEL PRIZE

    Issue 20

    Last week was Nobel Prize Week – yayyyyy. Well, actually, the last two weeks were the weeks in which the winners of all 6 Nobel prizes were announced. And what an exciting couple of weeks it was – for those who knew what was going on – and a learning of interest for those of us who didn’t. The...

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  • Photo: www.time.com/archive

    CIA Admits to the Great Irani Mistake

    Issue 14

    Finally, after years of everyone knowing about it – Obama even referring to it in his speech in 2009 – the CIA have officially admitted to their role in Iran’s 1953 coup – which removed the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq from power and put the tyrannical Shah of Iran on the throne. You’ll understand what I’m talking...

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