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    The Future of Green Fuels: Ammonia

    Issue 13

    Everyone who has studied high school chemistry (yes, that includes you) knows that Ammonia is NH3 – with three hydrogen atoms bonded with one nitrogen atom. What is interesting to note is that it provides energy when burnt with no polluting chemicals since the products of burning ammonia are water vapour and nitrogen – both of which are already...

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    Europe & The Cycling Revolution

    Issue 12

    In Europe, we are now seeing something unprecedented and amazing – a little good news for the environment. For every car sold, there are now 2 bikes finding a new customer, as per both the European Cyclist’s Association (Europe is the only place that has a body like that) and the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association – it’s a fact....

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    A Country Is About to Die Due to Climate Change…And It Won’t Be The Last

    Issue 24

    I am sure all of you have heard the old Greek myth about this wondrous and prosperous country of Atlantis which challenged the gods and was punished to forever disappear beneath the waves. Well, as the human civilization challenges the gods of climate change and our planet changes as a result – the tiny idyllic island nation of Kiribati...

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    Typhoon Haiyan: Hell in the Philippines

    Issue 21

    Just a few weeks ago (Issue 20), India was saved from the hell that the beautiful Philippines have now become – excellent evacuation measures and timely response prevented Super Cyclone Phailin from becoming the disaster it could have. But not so in the island nation. Last week, the massive Typhoon Haiyan, or Yolando as they call it there, a...

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    Super Cyclone Phailin: Saved From the Gates of Hell

    Issue 20

    Cyclone Phailin that hit the coastal areas of Andra Pradesh and Odisha on October 12th 2013 arrived with the much anticipated and expected fury and flair of a super storm – gale winds of 200 km/hr, surging tides, fallen trees and power-lines, extensive flooding and damage to houses ,cattle and crop………and yet a minimal loss of life – just...

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    IPCC Report: Global Warming is Getting Worse

    Issue 19

    The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) published their latest report last week – it unequivocally states “Global warming is unequivocal”. Jokes apart, this report gives an extremely dire image of the state of the Earth today. These reports are given once every 5 years, and the 2013 report is even worse than the 2007 report – that is...

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    Shipping Through the Arctic: The North East Passage

    Issue 14

    A Chinese cargo vessel that set sail for western Europe is the first ship attempting to sail via the icy northern sea route -that is via Japan , through the melting Arctic sea above Russia. This is significant as it opens up a brand new sea route that will shorten travel time between China and Europe by 12 to...

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    Why Sand Mining is Bad: The Ecological Story

    Issue 12

    The Sand Mafia, Ms Durga Nagpal (the IAS officer) who cracked down on them and Akhilesh Yadav (the chief minister of UP) who has had her suspended on supposed different grounds – have been all over the news. I want to keep away from the political, criminal and corrupt aspect of the above and focus on a key element...

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    The ICE is melting!

    Issue 9

    Polar ice is melting at a huge rate due to global warming caused by humans. Last week the results of a satellite experiment GRACE that has been collecting data for the last 10 years were published in the journal Nature. GRACE (Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment) is a satellite that measures minute fluctuations in the Earth’s gravity and computes...

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    Europe’s worst floods for decades

    Issue 5

    Torrential rains across central Europe have led to the worst flooding in decades, claiming the lives of 82 people. One of the worst hit cities is Prague. Over 50,000 people, including tourists were being evacuated. Soldiers and thousands of volunteers were building sand bag barriers but the torrential rains continued much of the city was claimed to be under...

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