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  • Photo: Image: Andrew Biraj/Reuters

    Monsoons Break Through

    Issue 4

    The Monsoons arrived explosively on the West coast of India last week, nearly a week ahead of schedule. Bangalore faced its highest 24- hr rainfall ever, recording 109 mm of rain in 24 hours thrashing its previous highest of 101.6 in 1891. Highest ever – beating a 122 year old record – the monsoons look set to make up...

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    3 Million Years in the Making

    Issue 1

    It is a development that will be remembered for ages – perhaps the next 3 million years – on May 2nd, atmospheric CO 2 levels rose beyond a monumental 400 parts per million – such a level has not existed since 3 million years ago – before the human race, or any of its predecessors had evolved. The graph...

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