The Cuckoo’s Calling

Jul 13, 2013

Wait, wait, please – this is not a book review – it’s a rather interesting series of events surrounding acclaimed book author JK Rowling, responsible for revolutionary children’s book series Harry Potter, and more recently, The Casual Vacancy. She was caught red handed when The Sunday Times revealed in an investigation last Sunday that crime novel ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by debut author Robert Galbraith was actually written by Rowling pseudonymously. She explained that she just wanted to write a book freely, without all the expectation, hype and publicity that usually surrounds her releases, a possible reference to her previous book The Casual Vacancy, which did not live up to fans’ expectations. While that’s all fine, it does not change the fact that the book jumped from 4,709th on the Amazon bookstore’s bestseller list, straight to spot No. 1 when its real author was revealed – from 1500 copies in 3 months to millions in a week – quite cool.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

References: The Guardian, Huffington Post

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