India’s Red Buses

May 11, 2013

India has a massive $3bn intercity bus service spanning the entire nation, but it is managed by thousands of unconnected ticket agents and bus operators – making the booking of tickets extremely difficult. Such a problem was faced by Phanindra Sama, an electronic engineer at Texas Instruments, which led him and 2 friends to establish Red Bus in August 2006. The website would link the various agents & operators with users looking for tickets. It has grown into a Rs 600crore company, which sold 7.5 million tickets last year, and he has been regarded as one of India’s top 5 new entrepreneurs by Financial Times, Entrepreneur and other international agencies. He has been invited to major international seminars as an entrepreneur and is in the process of revolutionizing the bus travel industry. Like airline or train tickets, we can now book our bus tickets online – pretty cool huh.

Photo Credits: Image: Namas Bhojani/ Financial Times

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