Google GLΛSS: What And Why

Aug 17, 2013

You’ve all probably heard of it – but what is this new thing from Google, the world’s premier innovators. Due to release sometime next year, it is their most publicised project, even more than the “Google Balloons”, which we covered last month. So – what is it? The concept, as Sergei Brin (co-founder of Google) explains on TED Talks, is to end that pose (see picture) – which has become the staple of our generation – of looking down at your phone all the time.

According to Google, we seclude and isolate ourselves by looking at our phones all the time – like a nervous tick every few minutes – in our online so-called “social” lives, we miss the real world and society around us. Also, he explains that Google does not believe this is the final/ultimate pose of humanity, through which we share/learn information, and interact with others. Therefore, Google Glass (stylized as GLΛSS). It is an amazing “wearable computer”, or better described as a small piece of glass on the right hand corner of your vision, which does everything your phone normally would.

It gives directions and information without you even asking, tells you about anything you ask, translates your voice into any other language when you want it to, and then there’s the camera. No need for phones, cameras, or anything – you can take a picture of what your seeing by just asking, and record life as you live it – all hands free. You can video call while skydiving – they will see a live feed of you flying through the air – its revolutionary. Your still connected to the social network – tell it to send messages, posts, tweets through voice control, and share pictures and videos of what your experiencing while experiencing it. Its like nothing we’ve ever seen before – another revolutionary technology from the geniuses at Silicon Valley. This video below is a must see –

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