An Eye For The Blind

Jun 13, 2013

Well, that’s what scientists from the Bluesky Design Group at Monash University in Melbourne are trying to develop. The bionic eye that they are developing will allow a blind person detect light and make out shapes – not exactly vision, but a huge step forward. The process would involve the insertion of a micro-processor about the size of a fingernail, having the same processing power as a smartphone, into the brain of the person – along with revolutionary/never seen before wireless technology. Professor Mark Armstrong, pioneer behind the project and director of Bluesky, has been involved in other technological projects for the deaf and blind. By next year they hope too be testing it on humans. The wearer will be able to see tables, footpaths, human shapes etc.; in a coarse dot type matrix – and although they will still be blind – they will have mobility. And that is the first step.

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References: The Economist, The Times of India

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