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    5 Days of Mourning

    Issue 24

    After nearly a year of “hanging in the balance”, the one and only Madiba passed away on Thursday – 5th of December, 2013 – a date we will all remember. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was the man who almost single handedly ended apartheid in Africa – a revolutionary, an activist and a great, great man. We wrote an article commemorating...

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    The Emperor’s Visit

    Issue 22

    In today’s world, there is only one reigning monarch with the title ‘Emperor’. He is the world’s only ‘Emperor’, and he’s visiting India – so that’s a big deal. He is the Tenno (heavenly sovereign) of Japan, Emperor Akhito. It’s also a big deal because His Imperial Majesty the Emperor (official address) rarely leaves Japan – and that too...

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    Sachin Tendulkar: The Legacy

    Issue 21

    “Sachin…….Sachin will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing.” As he walked out to bat, the roar from the capacity crowd in Mumbai was unbelievable – they screamed with one united voice of India – to greet the Little Master on his final day. He acquitted himself well – playing a good innings of 74 runs and displaying...

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    The SHUT_DOWN Postponed Till 15th January

    Issue 20

    The US Government shutdown has finally ended and the USA did not default on its debt on 17th October, which would have been historic. Thankfully NASA is back online and the NSA is back to its snooping ways. What is more of concern is that this childish argument and brinkmanship between the two main US political parties has cost...

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    Issue 19

    On October 1st, the government of the United States of America officially shut down. Wait, WHAT? It’s the biggest news of the week, and it requires a little explanation. So firstly, and most importantly, only non-essential services of the government have been shut down. That was a little unclear to me too, so I’ll elaborate with some examples. NASA...

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    Happy Fifteenth, Google

    Issue 18

    I am sure you all heard that Google turned 15 on 27th September and celebrated it in typical Google style, with a Google doodle which was a game that users could play for a few minutes, and feel lighter, freer, happier in their day, taking a pause in looking for whatever they wanted to find on the internet. Here...

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    The Great Dolby Passes On

    Issue 17

    Nearly everytime we visited the cinema, we see a great big “Dolby Digital” logo before any movie – all the work of one man who revolutionalised the way we experience music and cinema – Ray Dolby. The founder of Dolby Laboratories, and ‘inventor of surround sound’ died last week at the venerable age of 80. He started off as...

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    How Raghuram Rajan Is Saving The Economy

    Issue 17

    Notice that we speak of him saving the economy and not just the Rupee. This is because RBI’s recently appointed “Rockstar” governor Raghuram Rajan, whom we mentioned in our special issue last week is doing more than just solving the Rupee crisis – much, much more – and we will explain how. First things first – the falling value...

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    Arvind Kejriwal: The Corruption Crusade

    Issue 25

    The most trending topic in Delhi in the second half of this year was, quite unarguably, Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party, and their outstanding performance at the elections. Not just that, his noble crusade to rid the city, and then the country, of corruption has seen unimaginable success; and his movement that has motivated many and moved...

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    RBI’s Rockstar – Raghuram Rajan

    Issue 16

    On Sept 4th, 2013 Raghuram Rajan was appointed the new governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Being one of the youngest RBI governors at just 50 Indian Air Force years of age, with impressive qualifications and credentials that include IIT (Del- hi) ,IIM (Ahmedabad) & MIT –he has not only India but the world watching him. He immediately...

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