space frontiers

  • Photo: NASA

    A Look Into the Heart of a Black Hole

    Issue 20

    Modern day astronomy revolves around the basic concept of capturing light from far away objects in space and using this light to tell us where the object is and what it is. This works for everything in space – be it a star, a galaxy, or even a planet (we use deviations in light from a star for that...

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  • Photo: NASA

    The Comet ISON is Swinging By Keep Your Eyes Peeled

    Issue 19

    And its finally here – the much awaited, much anticipated – possible comet of the century – oh wait, you have no idea what I’m talking about. Of course not – I didn’t either – but among scientists, this comet ISON is something of a celebrity. It is massive – 3,100 miles across – and scientists hope that this...

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  • Photo: nasa's ladee

    Nasa’s LADEE

    Issue 16

    LADEE (Lunar atmosphere dust environment explorer) as explained by NASA is a unmanned robotic mission on its way to the moon -that will orbit the moon and gather information about the lunar atmosphere and environmental influences on lunar dust –this will help understand other planetary bodies.LADEE is going to take 30 days to reach the moon and enter it’s...

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  • Photo: Image: Wired

    Eye on the Universe

    Issue 11

    The Thirty Meter Telescope project to build the largest telescope ever built reached a major milestone this week as all countries supporting the project signed the master agreement to collaboratively build it. The telescope will be built on the summit of the dormant Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii and will have a thirty meter aperture mirror which is three...

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  • Photo: Image:

    Cassini’s Perfect Picture

    Issue 10

    This amazing shot was taken from 1-and-a-half billion kilometers away – that’s very, very, very, very far – and guess what that little blue dot underneath under Saturn’s wings is – yes, its our very own, Planet Earth. It doesn’t seem like much does it? But as scientist very excellently puts it, “We can’t see individual continents or people...

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  • Photo: Image: Forbes Magazine

    The Final Frontier

    Issue 7

    The Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched in 1977 to explore Jupiter, Saturn, and interstellar space (area between the stars), has finally reached the edge of the sun’s area of influence – the edge of our solar system. Late last year, this ancient spacecraft, still transmitting and receiving signals 11 billion miles away from the Earth, working on a nuclear-powered engine,...

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  • Photo: Image: KWTV

    Get Ready For Mars

    Issue 2

    A new Space Age is beginning and private commercial space flight has finally left the realm of science fiction, to become a reality. A number of companies have been set up by billionaires and former astronauts to take us to and beyond the final frontier, and this promise is not an empty one. Each of them has built its...

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