Leaders to know

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    Hassan Rouhani

    Issue 12

    The new President of Iran, sworn in last Sunday, is not so influential or amazing in himself or his achievements, but extremely important in what he stands for and what impact he will have on the world. A Shia Islamic cleric, he represented a more moderate faction within Iranian politics – not secular or completely reformist – but in...

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    Imran Khan

    Issue 11

    He’s the ex-cricketer turned Pakistani politician who lost the last election – so what? He may be that, but he’s much, much more. For those who do not know, Imran Khan was Pakistan’s most successful cricket captain from 1982 to 1992. After retiring in 1994, he came back to his troubled home (unlike many celebrity sportsmen) and engaged heavily...

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    Shinzo Abe

    Issue 10

    Shinzo Abe is the man who is returning Japan to its former glory, and making it into a world superpower again. He is currently Prime Minister of Japan, winning the country’s recent general elections in a landslide. After a short stint in office before, he returned in December 2012 as Prime Minister, and Mr Abe has since been credited...

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    Vladimir Putin

    Issue 9

    ladimir Putin is the current President of Russia, an important world leader who has been in power for the last 14 years in the country. Well, technically, he served as democratically elected President for 9 years from 1999-2008, re-elected in 2004, before he was disallowed from contesting in the 2008 elections. An ex-KGB agent, yet liberal in Russian politics,...

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    Ray Kurzweil

    Issue 8

    Ray Kurzweil is the foremost futurist, inventor and tech pioneer who has predicted the “Rise of the Machines” for the past several decades. He is the author of the bestselling books “The Age of Intelligent Machines” and “The Singularity is Near” . He is a leading proponent of the concept of Transhumanism which predicts that machines will one day...

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    Angela Merkel

    Issue 7

    She is the current Chancellor (Prime Minister, basically) of Germany, the first ever woman to occupy the post, before or after unification of Germany (1989). She is at the helm of the European Union, holding it together in spite of all the problems, and is famed for her economic and environmental policies, which have transformed the country. She has...

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    Madiba, the Gandhi of Our Times

    Issue 7

    Madiba, as the great man Nelson Mandela is known to his people, is in critical condition, at 94 he is struggling for life at a Pretoria hospital. Mandela, the first black President of South Africa, was visited by President Obama (first black President of the US) earlier this week – a momentous meeting that was unable to take place...

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    Nawaz Sharif: Democratically Elected PM of Pakistan

    Issue 1

    Nawaz Sharif, leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, on Monday, won the most historic and important election in the history of Pakistan – the first ever democratic transition from one elected government to the other, without any military or presidential intervention. In a 66-year history, Pakistan has had 23 different governments – none of which have ever completed a...

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