• Photo: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay

    Gene Editing: The Power of Gods

    On April 18th, 2015; the journal Protein & Cell published a paper, authored by researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guanghzou, China, that detailed the results of experiments conducted by the researchers on gene editing – modifying the DNA of human embryos. The academic report went viral in the mainstream media, coupled with the ideas of designed people and...

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  • Photo: DonkeyHotey/Flickr

    America’s Midterm Election: The Republican Win?!

    On 4th November, the United States of America voted: removing Barrack Obama’s Democratic party from its majority position and instead bringing the opposition Republican party closer to power. This surprise result in the Midterm elections has been a wake-up call to American politicians; because what came out most in the analysis and study of voting patterns was not so...

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  • Photo: ESA-C.Carreau/ATG-medialab

    Here We Come(t): Success of the Rosetta Mission

    The landing of ESA’s (European Space Agency’s) Philae lander on the comet 67P last week (on November 12th 2014) was reported pretty widely as a “failure”. The primary reason was twofold: the legs that were the landing mechanism for Philae failed to fire; and when it did finally land (using backup mechanism), it landed in a shadow region of...

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  • Photo: Courtesy Theranos

    Elizabeth Holmes: Revolutionising Medicine, Silently

    The strikingly beautiful lady pictured here dropped out of Stanford at the age of 19 to start a company that is now valued at over $9 billion. Familiar sounding story? Except that it isn’t a “.com”, nor is it a consumer electronics corporation. It’s a medicine company; and no one has ever heard of it. Welcome to the world of...

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  • Photo: Nissim Benvenisty/ Wikimedia Commons

    Stem Cells: The Miracle Medicine is Here

    Issue 25

    The miracle medicine has been around since 1998 – but this year was a special one for ‘Stem Cell’ medicine. Stem cells are basically body cells that can evolve into ANY other cell, originally available only if one stored cells from the end of the umbilical cord at birth – many more feasible sources have been discovered. This year...

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